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Body Treatments

Back Treatment

Peeling, mask, cleansing, and relaxing back massage

45 Minutes CHF 110.-

Body Strategist Firming

The regenerating treatment provides toning, elasticity and has a balancing effect on the moisture balance. The combination of peeling, intensive active ingredients, remodelling alginate mask and massage will redefine your figure.

80 Minutes CHF 130.-

Body Strategist Cellulite

This intensive anti-cellulite treatment with thermogenic effect has a detoxifying effect and improves microcirculation. A blend of essential oils promotes fat loss in the tissues and eliminates the typical characteristics of cellulite, for a more even skin.

80 Minutes CHF 130.-

Body Strategist Detox

Balancing and detoxifying treatment with marine sediments, which stimulates the metabolism of the body and has a cleansing effect. This treatment guarantees deep remineralization and better blood circulation and cleanses your body.

80 Minutes CHF 130.-

Body Strategist Drain

The intensive treatment based on essential oils combats the appearance of cellulite, which is due to a disturbed Microcirculation and increased accumulation of fluid. An immediate sense of lightness and reactivation in the legs characterizes the effectiveness of this treatment.

80 Minutes CHF 130.-

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