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(Stimulates collagen and increases skin elasticity and density)

In the needling process, many tiny hair-thin needles significantly increases the mirco-circulation of the skin, which leads to an increased absorption capacity of applied active ingredients and thus to a significantly improved skin result. Enhancing the skin’s own natural ability to produce collagen. Depending on skin condition and needs, the appropriate cocktail of active ingredients is chosen. Skin renewal is activated while tension, vitality, elasticity, and firmness of the skin are improved. Wrinkles are smoothed and blood circulation is increased.

Advantages of Micro-Needling:
- Skin becomes visibly even and firmer.
- Stimulates collagen and increases skin elasticity and density
- Reduces wrinkles, acne scars, and other scars
- Reduces pigmentation disorders

60 minutes CHF 220.-



(Correction of hyperpigmentation and dark spots)

Heading 1



(Skin rejuvenation, lifting, strengthening)

Tranquillity welcome Ritual, Skin preparation, Skin analysis, Peeling, Serum, Peel off mask, Hand massage, Facial massage, Eye cream, Rich cream. 


60 minutes CHF 150.




Tranquillity welcome Ritual, Skin preparation, Skin analysis, 2 Different types of acid peeling, Neutralizing, Serum, Peel off mask, Hand massage, Facial massage, Eye cream, Recover touch oil, Rich Cream, Sun soul face cream SP30.

90 Minutes CHF 190.



Skin regenerating, lifting

Tranquillity welcome ritual, Skin preparation, Skin analysis, 2 different fruit acid peeling, Hand massage, Neutralizer, Eye cream, Recover touch oil, Serum, Sun soul face cream SPF30.

60 Minutes CHF 130.


Skin Regimen Urban Detox Facial

For correcting stress-related skin problems


Welcome ritual, Toning (with microalgae essence), Mask (detox peal-off mask), Detox facial massage, Serum, Facial Cream.


60 minutes CHF 140.-.


Hydramemory Complete Facial

(Moisturizing, nourishing)

Skin preparation, Skin analysis, Peeling, Serum, Hydramemory Pibasic mask (applied with 2 brushes),

hand massage, Eye cream, Cream Gel .

60 minutes CHF 130.-.


Deep Cleanse (Akne Skin)

Cleansing, Peeling

Cleansing, Peeling, Steaming, Ampulle, Highfrequenze, Mask

60 Minutes CHF 120.-



Microdermabrasion Treatment

The skin cells renew themselves in a regular cycle. This aging process leads to a deterioration of the skin due to the lack of new cells. The dead skin layers must be removed in order to improve the appearance of the skin. With the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion an absolutely gentle removal of the upper skin layers is carried out. The natural skin regeneration is thereby stimulated and the skin appearance is visibly improved.

Diamond Peel Classic Treatment 60 minutes CHF 190.-

Cleansing, Diamond peel, Hyaluron Forte Serum, Day Cream, Sun protection

Diamond Peel & Micro Needling Combo 90 minutes CHF 250.-

Cleansing, Tonic, Diamond peel, Hyaluron Forte Serum, Micro needling, Mask, Eye Cream, Day Cream, Anti-aging Sun Fluid

The cosmetologist makes the procedure Mi

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VITA SKIN facial treatments

Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, deep cleansing treatment

Ultrasonic facial care is one of the most successful anti-aging methods for strengthening the tissue, as a deep cleansing and anti-wrinkle treatment. Active ingredients are transported deep into the skin, which is only possible with ultrasound waves. Vita Skin, the professional high-tech treatment that will visibly improve your skin appearance and convince you as a discerning customer.

The complete treatment enables deep pore cleansing, acne treatment, cell reactivation and anti-aging therapy.

 90 minutes CHF  190.-


Vitaskin cure 4 treatment subscription: Fr. 580.-



Teenager Special

60 minutes CHF 95.- 






As an addition to an individual facial treatment:

Deep cleaning + Fr. 35.-
Lifting + Fr. 45.-
Deep cleansing and lifting + Fr. 65.-
Insert ampoule into the skin + Fr. 20.-



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