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Skin rejuvenation

Gentle facial cleansing, peeling, tonic, steaming, massage, mask day cream, eyebrow tidy and light day make-up. 


60 minutes CHF 150.



Gentle facial cleansing, tonic, 2 different acid peeling, serum, pure vitamin c, peel off mask, lift massage, rich cream and light day make-up.

90 Minutes CHF 190.

All skin types

Gentle facial cleansing, tonic, 2 different fruit acid peeling, pure vitamin c, massage, rich cream, serum, skin defender

60 Minutes CHF 120.

Boost and refresh

Gentle facial cleansing, tonic, massage, fruit acid peel, day cream.

30 minutes CHF 90.-.


Acne and oily skin

Gentle facial cleansing, tonic, peeling, steaming, cleaning of the pores, high frequency, day cream.

45 minutes CHF 100.-.


Microdermabrasion Treatment

The skin cells renew themselves in a regular cycle. This aging process leads to a deterioration of the skin due to the lack of new cells. The dead skin layers must be removed in order to improve the appearance of the skin. With the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion an absolutely gentle removal of the upper skin layers is carried out. The natural skin regeneration is thereby stimulated and the skin appearance is visibly improved.

Classic Treatment 45 minutes CHF 120.-

Cleansing, Diamond peel, Hyaluron Forte Serum, Day Cream, Sun protection

Treatment with Ultrasound 60 minutes CHF 140.-

Cleansing, Tonic, Diamond peel, Hyaluron Forte Serum, Ultrasound, Eye Cream, Day Cream, Sun protection

Luxury Treatment with Ultrasound 90 minutes CHF 180.-

Cleansing, Tonic, Diamond peel, Hyaluron Forte Serum, Ultrasound,, Mask, Eye Cream, Day Cream, Antiaging Sun Fluid

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VITA SKIN facial treatments

Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, deep cleansing treatment

Ultrasonic facial care is one of the most successful anti-aging methods for strengthening the tissue, as a deep cleansing and anti-wrinkle treatment. Active ingredients are transported deep into the skin, which is only possible with ultrasound waves. Vita Skin, the professional high-tech treatment that will visibly improve your skin appearance and convince you as a discerning customer.

The complete treatment enables deep pore cleansing, acne treatment, cell reactivation and anti-aging therapy.

 90 minutes CHF  190.-


Vitaskin cure 4 treatment subscription: Fr. 580.-



Teenager Special

60 minutes CHF 95.- 






As an addition to an individual facial treatment:

Deep cleaning + Fr. 35.-
Lifting + Fr. 45.-
Deep cleansing and lifting + Fr. 65.-
Insert ampoule into the skin + Fr. 20.-